Monday, May 17, 2010

Studio Times - Session 1


I've been waiting for today for ages - I'm finally back in the studio finishing off my album "El Mahrousa"... We've been here since 10am and its about 4.15pm now and we still havent actually hit the record button. Had a few issues to start off, got that sorted out and then messed around with drum sounds and bass sounds... We're just about ready to start - Luke - the guitarist is in there at the moment so we could get guide guitar tracks along with the drums and the bass... Should be Sick!

Kinda forgot how cold the control rooms in the studio get - should've gotten a thicker jacket... Aww well.. Seems like I'm gonna be heading to Tesco some time soon to buy a big bag of pasta and make a bulk lunch for the crew here in the studio - nothing worse than a hungry sound tech crew hehe - So yea we're aiming to get 4 out of the 5 songs done today - at least kit and bass wise - tomorrow we'll bash out the last track along with alternating between some vocals, some percussion, some guitar and violin... Fun but exhausting times!!

We're booking into the Motor Museum Studio for today and tomorrow and its a pretty nice studio. Our sound tech used to work here so he's quite familiar with the setup and all...
Look out for some possible pictures later on! I just sitting in the corner of the control room at the moment on a big old leather arm chair - kinda feels like i should have a newspaper and a cigar or a pipe hehe...

Anyways looks like my guide vocals will be needed soon so i'll sign off for now! x

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