Friday, July 16, 2010

One Step Closer!! (ok maybe a few..)

So finally, things are rolling again with my album....

Been getting mixes of the tracks over the past month sent over from Switzerland to listen to, comment on and send my feedback back over - of course with the internet making things like this so much easier - its not too bad... Hopefully, Insha2allah, fingers crossed, the tracks will be ready to be mastered by this weekend!!!

While all this was going on I've also been working with a friend of mine on the cover and booklet for the album. And im glad its finally done!!! I'm gonna head down to the printers in a while and print off some promo copies to bring back with me to Cairo in less than a week!!

I must say I'm really pleased with how its turned out!!
Here's a little sneak preview for you all!!

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Design and Photography by James Kirkham.

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