Saturday, May 8, 2010

Welcome To My Tiny Motel!

Over the past Month and a bit, I've had an almost non stop stream of visitors.
Each one bringing in a different style and influence to my little flat..

I've had my Grandmother, Sister, My Mother, 2 Ex Flat Mates, and 2 close friends come up all within 6 weeks.

Now each visit, naturally had a different dynamic about it. My Grandmother was only here for 2-3 nights and so she simply gave me a dose of love, fed me - both home cooked stuff and nice restaurant meals - and we did a quick round of the shops and then she had to jet off.

My sister's visit was a more Shopping orientated one and going out... But I have to say we didn't nearly go out as much as we did on her previous visit - last year. Maybe I'm getting old or just simply migrating out of the whole 'Going out and Partying' lifestyle - urghh thats worse I guess I'm getting boring!

Next came my 2 Ex Flat mates - this was only for again 2-3 night and was a great catching up session with one of them - the other wasn't as involved as we had expected. We also had a bit of going out, and dining with friends and a few visits to the shops where I finally managed to get myself a pair of jeans!! After endlessly searching for ones that a) fit, b) looked good and c) were comfortable! And lets not even factor in the affordable part - that goes without saying!!

My Mother came the same day my friends left so it had to be a swift change over..
The funny thing is that - in preparing for my Mother's visit, i of course began with cleaning and tidying of the flat... and making sure it looked the best it could... Hence, I decided I would wash the Red Sofa Cover I had in my living room. Now the instructions on the label said 'cold wash' and ' do not tumble dry' So i was like perfect, i'll cold wash it and leave it out to dry - the flat is fairly warm and it should be alright... Now silly little me forgot to turn the dryer dial to 0, and so the cover went through 40 minutes of tumble drying... I thought it would be ok and not a huge problem and took it out and left it to dry near the radiator.

Now fast forward to the day of my Mother arriving, and me trying to fit the cover onto the sofa about 10 minutes before she was due to arrive on my doorstep! yea, it didn't fit. It had shrunk. To make matters worse I insisted on trying to 'make' it fit, I ended up breaking 2 nails (yes very airheadish) and making them bleed! and tear a bit of the cover in a quick attempt to take it off realising that my Mother is getting out of the taxi. So now my Sofa is naked. and I will need to replace the cover before my tenancy is up at some point - hopefully soon since the actual cream sofa is getting quite dirty - due to the fact that the flat has been seeing quite a bit of traffic. My Mother's visit was quite lovely, getting loads of catching up done, good doses of love and shopping too! We also finally went on the Yellow Duck Marine that she's been wanting to go on since I moved to Liverpool. Unfortunately she didn't half enjoy it as much as she thought she would.

Next to visit was a friend of mine who had moved to London a few months back. She was coming up to Liverpool to play for a musical that she had helped arrange that was being performed on the Wirral and was crashing at mine for a week. Now because of her musical schedule we were unable to properly hang out; catching a few moments in the morning or late in the evening after she had finished playing. We did however manage to have a decent catch up session the second night she was here as a friend of ours also came down for the night and we had good chit chat times over houmous and pretzels.

Lately, I've been stressing out because I'm due in the studio in just over a week. I'm worried about getting the band ready and whether or not the time I've booked is enough. I'm worried about my vocal performances and my voice getting tired in the sessions. I'm also stressing out about getting the album artwork and inlays done, photo shoots, printing and pressing.... Oh and lets not even go near discussing the costs... I might collapse...

It looks like things wont be going according to the original plan of launching the album in Egypt this summer - unless i use session musicians from back home to put on one major performance and the performance at the Launch party. Which may mean launching the album in the fall sometime in October both in the UK and in Egypt... Hmmmmm dont know if I can wait that long hehe. I also cant help but feel like I'm gonna end up compromising on this album because of this nagging feeling of just wanting it to be done! I mean, its been over a year and a half since we first started working on it - So its about time!!!

Ahhh well... breathing out... I think its time to announce this rant over and move on to starting my 'productive' day... I've got a To-Do list and everything!!

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