Saturday, February 27, 2010

Job Satisfaction???

So, I've recently had to take up a job working in a retail store. Initially i was quite excited as i had never worked at such a store in the UK before and wanted to add to my experiences in this country and hopefully meet exciting new people to expand on the group of people that i knew in Liverpool. Having just graduated in the summer, most of my year group fled the city of Liverpool and are now scattered not only across the UK but across the world... and so my group of friends here has been severely downsized!

Anyhow! The job went on quite well and i started getting comfortable with the staff and within the shop and got to know my way around. Within the same week of starting this retail job, i got offered a teaching job that paid WAY better than this retail job and actually had something to do with my degree in music! It felt great! And i thought, perfect i'll just juggle these two jobs and it'll be amazing!

This teaching job was based in Liverpool and basically consisted of teaching singing classes of different levels at different schools around Liverpool. It was a service being provided by one school where other interested schools could simply opt into the service. Standard procedures dictated that i needed to get a CRB Check (Criminal Records Bureau) just to make sure i am clear of nasty history and am actually fit to work with children. We sent the paper work off just before Christmas and it still hasn't returned! Last time i checked on its progress (2 days ago) the first stage (out of 5) was still being processed - i guess Egypt's not the only country with a slow bureaucratic system! Maybe this is actually where we get it from eh? Since the British occupied us for so long - surely they must of rubbed a few things off on us?

Oh well, i'll just have to be patient for a little (i hope!) longer... I cant wait for it to start so i can feel properly involved in music again. I think i'm growing a bit tired of asking rude people who walk into the shop if they're doing ok. And not to mention the fact that the extra income would be MUCH appreciated - having just moved into a new flat and all, my wallet seems to be suffering quite a bit =(

Of course, like anything in life, this job comes with a downside.
I'm not exactly the most 'petite' of girls, and have never been - except for those few times when crash dieting actually worked but only lasted months - working at a high street clothing store doesn't do much good to non petite girls' confidence! Working for hours helping out girls who find a size 6 too big, or twirl in front of a mirror revealing a reflection of a perfectly gorgeous figure and simply saying 'Nah this makes me look fat', or watching your gorgeous colleagues walking around the store does not do any good to this confidence or how i feel about my body image. Some days are worse than others i guess, but still.

Another thing that makes me wonder if this job is actually for me, no matter how temporary it is to be, is job satisfaction. I love lists. Simply love them. Especially to-do lists, i love how it feels to tick things off or cross things out on a to-do list, giving you a sense of accomplishment no matter how small! The thing is this job doesn't really give me that. Most of the tasks we're assigned are always on-going throughout the day, every day. And so it never gets crossed off! Every now and then one would get assigned a task that has that 'crossing out-ticking off' nature but since there aren't that many, and we are several employees, you don't get them that often. Oh well... what can we do eh? This is life innit??

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