Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello Rodney St!

Since i lightly touched upon the fact that i've moved to a new flat, i thought i'd have a little spill on the new place!

Just moved onto Rodney St, in a one bedroom flat where the back door, leads directly in front of LIPA gates (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts - the uni i just graduated from!) so rolling outta the flat to rehearsals can not be any easier. I have a friend living in the flat above mine - he still goes to LIPA and a lovely couple living in the flat below. First time i met them was when i discovered how thin the floors were and that playing the guitar at midnight was not a very good idea! Bought them a box of chocolates to apologies and then came home to them having bought me a little flower pot - lovely!

Im just about all settled in, most of my boxes are all unpacked except about 3 - 2 of which consist of mainly books and CDs that'll have to wait until i get my hands on a decent bookcase and the other box consists of stuff i don't know where to place. I haven't even gotten rid of all the empty boxes i've got yet but it'll probably be soon as they are getting on my nerves! - even if they have all been flattened and are stowed away under the counter...

As with any property, there are things you only discover after you've moved in - like the thin flooring for example. I had also discovered that the bedroom window didn't really close properly and so was quite drafty, however we managed to almost fix that. Another thing was that the radiator in the bedroom doesn't actually work! and so with having a drafty window it gets quite freezing! This lead to several visits from the heating guy - lovely fella named Steve - but with no success in fixing it, due to the pipes being completely clogged with residue as it seems that previous tenants barely used this specific radiator. Another issue recently discovered, is an eggy smell that arises either from after flushing the toilet or after using the sink - i have not quite determined which one it is... however it lasts only a few minutes then disappears so it isn't a huge problem for now!

Thats basically it until now i guess... The thin flooring is a bit of a nuisance though especially since i think the guy living upstairs has some visitors and it sounds like they're running around the flat - it also looks like it since my ceiling lights shake every time someone moves there hehe oh well! it's all good! Its quite a big space for a one bedroom flat in the city centre to be honest, and i am quite happy with it. I'm glad to have a place to call my own and decorate as i please, put things where i want them and move furniture around to my liking =) Only thing missing now is a gorgeous puppy! (ooh and TV too - well and a lot of other things that i haven't been able to get round to getting yet - need to pace myself in order to make this wallet last hehe) but yea a dog would be PERFECT!

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