Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rude Boy?

So the other day, in a spur of the moment type incident, i ended up buying a TV. On ebay.
After having just clicked on the 'bid' button, thoughts of 'what have you done' immediately came to mind... but now that its paid for (with money i dont have) these thoughts have kinda calmed down.

Anyways... after setting up the new tv set and sitting back to enjoy my latest purchase, i stumble upon one of the music channels that air music videos etc. It was the urban week charts and to say that some tracks were disappointing would be a great understatement.

One track that has refused to leave my mind because of how much it irritated me was Rihanna's Rude Boy. [Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the track and more importantly the video! see below!]

Now, i was under the impression that music was related to talent, having witnessed the Egyptian music industry for years, that impression was shattered ages ago. However, my belief that talent was needed in the western music industry was still very much alive. Now that talent doesnt only have to refer to the quality of an artist's vocals or instrument playing, but also to the songwriting/composing/arranging/lyric writing etc and when it comes to videos; directing/storyboard writing etc.

Rihanna would definitely be labelled as someone who's 'made it' she's an internationally recognised artist, had hit after hit and is tabloid worthy. But i keep finding myself getting 'hit' by really poor tunes recorded by her, and Rude Boy is one of them.

The lyrics are so poor, i cant even think of a better word to describe them, and the song's concept is no better.

[Come here rude boy, boy can you get it up. Come here rude boy, boy is you big enough]

Suggestive lyrics, now thats nothing new, but these days lyrics seem to be getting less and less suggestive and just outright blatant-rub-it-in-your-face sexually loaded. Even the video is getting more and more tacky and dance movements are again becoming less suggestive and more slap in your face, no question about it, down right sexual.

Consider who Rihanna's main target audience are, or her actual market - mainly pre-teens and adolescent girls. Now what is the message that her music carries over to this new generation of women? How is the influence on them, setting them up for the future? One may say it'll set them up to be comfortable with their sexuality within society and more confident. But how early do we want them to be confident with their sexuality? How early would it be considered ok for these young girls to start acting in a sexual manner? and how are the influences of artists like Rihanna directly affecting how these young girls act?

I just think it has all become a little too much and that music should be a lot more than a sexually charged outlet. The industry is in dire need of profound lyrics and inspiring melodies. Where have all the good songs gone??

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