Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Musical Side...

For quite a while i was determined to keep this blog from being too influenced by my chosen career path - music.

I wanted this to be a place where i could simply dump the thoughts i collected that had no relevance to music. However in doing so i feel i have been suppressing a huge side of me and hence i have decided to combine both my non-musical random rumblings with those musically influenced. Perhaps that will provide you, the reader, with a more well rounded perception of me and a better understanding of why i think a specific way or believe in a certain thing.

It has been 7 months since i graduated from LIPA (The Liverpool Institution for Performing Arts), a university targeting performers and those who make performances possible. I studied for 3 years and left with a BA(Hons) in Music, something i had to work hard just to get the opportunity to do. And now I find myself a graduate, with a temporary job that has nothing to do with my degree, awaiting the start of a teaching job - relating to my degree - still striving to complete an album which was started 17 months ago and working to strengthen my band.

The album - El Mahrousa - has faced many obstacles, having to replace Recording Engineers, Band Members, no studio availability etc.. But im still determined to complete it - of course sooner rather than later - with as much perfection as personally possible.

I am hoping for it to be ready by this summer to be able to launch it for sale both in Egypt and the UK. So till then, our fingers are crossed.

If you're interested in having a bit of a preview of this album check out my myspace - there are a few tracks there that are to e featured on the album =)

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