Monday, January 5, 2009

'Lovely' No Matter What Skin Colour....

An advert starts by a young woman auditioning to be a model.
The judges/photographer - rejects her because of the darkness of her skin...
She uses - a skin bleaching cream - and 2 weeks later her skin is lighter...
she's auditioning and gets the job....

another similar advert, a young university graduate, applying to be a tv anchor gets rejected because of the darkness of her skin.. - she uses the cream, her skin is lighter, she gets the job and a guy asks her out!

products use names to imply that the 'fairer' your skin, the 'lovelier' you are. using slogans such as 'say yes to life', all implying that the lighter your skin tone the more opportunities you get in life... almost saying yes racism exists, prejudice exists and instead of fighting it lets just succumb to what they favour.

what happened to encouraging people to be proud of their own skin colour and celebrate diversity?

recently i watched a talk show on TV, which discussed this issue.
it made me realise that such ads are not just being aired in the middle east. but also aired in India and other areas around the world targeting Latin communities and African descent communities.

The show had hosted a number of brown skinned women who all admit to either using similar products to that cream or going to extreme measures - such as using a hot towel and liquid bleach on their face or even on their children to lighten their skin.

Even in brown skin communities, there seems to be the underlying view that the lighter your brown skin, the prettier you are. and so women resort to bleaching creams and extreme methods to 'lighten' their complexion and achieve that 'beauty'.

Something is very wrong with society. i find these tv adverts so offensive, they frustrate me every time i come across one.

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