Sunday, May 4, 2008

Egyptian Society and Religion...

I stumbled upon a document i wrote quite a long time ago, however, its contents are still valid and so i though i should post it.


I have become sick of all these labels that society throws at me. I am sick of being perceived as a “bitch or slut” simply because I dress the way I want and appear to be enjoying myself even though I am not doing anything immoral or commonly perceived as “wrong”.

I have also become sick of constraints that face women in this society. It seems that simply because I am a woman, I should not be allowed to dream and be ambitious. If I think for myself and challenge popular beliefs especially on taboo issues, I am deemed as “devious”. If I want some sort of future other than the regular openings made available for women in this society then I am “abnormal”. For fighting for my rights and sticking to my beliefs and principals I am labeled a “lost cause” not a fighter, a “rebel” not a liberator.

Why is it that this society is so scared of change? Most people don’t even dare discuss certain issues and if they do, others quickly tear them down with attacks such as “ya kafir”. Why is it that people simply can not accept that other people may not share their personal opinions and they may have other beliefs about certain issues regarding religion, culture, morals and society.

It has reached a point where people accept certain concepts without even questioning the logic behind it. We have been given a brain for a reason, why is it that we have chosen to stop using it. If you question these concepts and you find the logic behind them, you become more convinced and appreciative of the issue at hand. Isn’t that better than believing in something simply because person X said so.

Why is religion such a public matter? And why are people so involved in each other’s business when it comes to religion? I thought religion was something personal, a special relationship between one and God and no one was to question its legitimacy, after all God is the one who would punish or reward at the end of it all.

Since when has it been ok to label another person as a “kafir or kafra”? Who has given you the right to judge them and decide that about them? As far as I know this is something only God is to do. After all God is the only one who truly knows a person inside and out.

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