Tuesday, May 17, 2011

City Stars rules and stores?

City stars and what goes inside it is really quite low on the priority agenda for most Egyptians with all the current events but this article has recently surfaced pointing out the new signs that have been placed that the writer deems as 'testing the waters' and hijacking the revolution.

I think the Egyptian society knows its culture very well and dont need signs reminding them of what is appropriate and what isnt. 
In addition to these signs, a few days ago i visited H&M in City Stars and was shocked by the posters displayed in the actual store. The posters of models wearing H&M's stock placed at strategic places across the store were edited. Any model wearing anything more revealing than a short sleeved top or ankle length trousers had a white tshirt and or leggings painted in to cover up her skin. The first poster i noticed i was quite sure whether it was simply a strange new look or if it was actually covered up. (see picture of girl in maxi dress below) 

However once i reached the cashier and saw that one of the models shouldve just been wearing a bikini bottom and an over sized tshirt also had white leggings on all doubt was gone. Since when do stores do that? Ive seen similar acts before where someone has gone round with a black marker and coloured over exposed skin on adverts in the street or in magazines but never in a store! It was more like random individuals who felt the urge to deface images not actual stores! Two stores down from H&M there's a lingerie shop with a huge larger than life poster of a woman in lace lingerie i find it quite contradictory!! Hmmmm where are we heading???

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