Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Single "Egypt's Waiting For Me" Video

After wanting to get a music video done for ages. I finally did.
It took me awhile to decide which song to film - but after the recent events in Egypt and the Arab world, I was inspired to write a new song "Egypt's Waiting For Me" and it seemed like the perfect choice for a video.

We shot it in Liverpool - in a recording studio, at St Luke's Church in the city centre and at Ainsdale beach! We also got contributions from Egyptians living abroad and Egyptians representing a selected few cities in Egypt. It was done by Laura Lomax.

The video in a way is a call to Egyptians living outside Egypt to come back home and help with rebuilding the country after the collapse of the old regime. And in true, 'Property Of Nadya Shanab' fashion, it is a fusion between both the Arabic and English language.

Anyways, Enjoy it and please feel free to pass on your comments!

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GeekyArtistArabWoman said...

Beautiful song, touched my heart.
I featured it here :