Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Week...

This week was half term break for me here in Liverpool.
It meant I was off work and got a bit of a break off shouting at children while trying to teach them music!

However it wasn't much of the 'break' I needed. I had been booked to perform by Morton House - a dorm unit for University Of Liverpool who were hosting a Guest night and adopting the Arabian Nights theme.
Naturally bringing an Egyptian lead world-fusion band was the right choice!

It was quite hectic preparing for it as we needed to rehearse for an hours worth of material and until recently, all our gigs were 35 mins max. But we managed to gather enough material (after all we do have an albums worth) and ensured that they were ready for the night.

Night went quite well and the guests seemed to enjoy it. But its taken me 2 days so far to recover from the whole thing =( We had to start our day quite early to pick up the equipment we had hired for the gig and transport it to the venue - which took several trips - and get the instruments to the venue and all the musicians involved. Then of course setting up the stage and building up the PA system took awhile.
After we performed there was also the whole deal of packing up the system and putting it away.
But overall it was a good night.

Friday was my 'catching up with people' day. I had lunch with my ex flatmate and sushi dinner with a good friend. I also went along to a 'meet and greet' held by the Arab Network in the North West and met other Arabs living in the area and was introduced to 3 other Egyptians! Was quite nice to get in touch with people from a similar background and of course celebrate the toppling over of Mubarak.

Saturday saw another 'catch up' lunch and Sunday too...

On the Saturday we went to the Leaf cafe on bold st - my first time there - it was quite nice and food was great. I was extremely attracted to an Italian Meringue that was on display at the counter and no matter how much i tried to ignore it, it still kept calling me. In the end I succumbed to it and I'm soooo glad I did (pushing aside the calorie guilt hehe). It looked so beautiful I just had to photograph it =) YUM!!

This week also saw the itunes release of my album El Mahrousa which im extremely excited about and love the reaction its been getting so far. Hopefully the official physical release wont be too far away... Insha'allah - fingers crossed!

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