Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Zanzibar Gig - 16 Oct 2010

Last night was my first gig this 'Academic ' year - I find it strange that I'm using the term 'Academic when im not even a student!!! ahhhh

Anyways - we had been offered this gig for ages - I got a message in the summer asking me to choose a slot either in September or October. For the past 3 years we have been playing the same slot in the same week in October and so I naturally went for the 16th. When the date was first mentioned to the band, the drummer couldnt make it as he had prior engagement but everyone else was on board. Then a couple of weeks before the gig, the percussionist couldnt make it either as she had been booked with her function band. I decided to hold a rehearsal to see what it would sound like without any form of drums and if it was alright I would keep the gig, if not I'd pull out.

We had two rehearsals before the gig, both with their own ups and downs and yes we missed the drums and percussion terribly. After playing with them for no less than 2 years it all sounded a bit empty to us. However we decided it sounded decent enough to keep the gig.

During our soundcheck, things werent looking very good for us. But the soundman assured us it was sounding fine. I headed down to the Zanzibar in time to catch the band that were on before us - The Grande and they were quite good, had a good crowd and people were having a good time.  I still wasnt feeling too good about the gig.

The Grande finished up and we waited for them to pack their gear off the stage and then we started setting up. Played our first song 'Just So Tired' which went down well but we started having guitar difficulties. It kept patching in and out and compromised the sound. After a bit of fiddling, we thought it was good to go, played the second song ' Ana Bint Masreya Soghayara ' - The FGM Song, but still the guitar kept cutting out. So I decided to ask if anyone in the place had an acoustic guitar on them and luckily The Grande did and they offered to let us play it.

Right so guitar playing all fine, we carried on through! Played through the rest of the set with no more glitches! It was quite enjoyable but I must admit we did miss our drummer and percussionist =(

Had several people come up and say they enjoyed our sound - even if to us it was half a sound hehe but they liked it and even though they couldnt necessarily understand my Arabic lyrics they said they felt the emotion come through and enjoyed it. I guess thats what its all about isnt it? The whole concept of music being a universal language? It really doesnt matter if you can understand the lyrics or not - language wise because if done right it should come through!

Ahhhh was a decent night. Also managed to sell several copies of the album - Hope they all enjoy it =)

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