Sunday, August 5, 2007

What's Wrong with the World Today?

For the past few days I've been coming across groups on facebook that shock me... groups that promote so much hate.

Some groups would be about one issue somehow related to religion but discussions within the group end up being some sort of debate between muslims and non muslims each side attacking the other.

Other groups are plain attacks on other religions (such as the group "F*** Islam" which has been in the spotlight recently). People have been joining such groups to try to defend their beliefs.

Both sides exchange words soaked with so much hate, I often find myself unable to continue reading the comments. The debates end up taking the form of insults being thrown at one another. Comments are rarely based upon facts or information from reliable sources. People simply regurgitate misconceptions that they happen to have heard somewhere, or fabrications of their ignorant mind.

What has this world come to? Why are our hearts filled with so much hatred for one another? Why cant we let each other live in peace? If someone's religious beliefs are not coherent with yours that does not give you the right to disrespect them or their beliefs. Neither does it give you the right to physically harm them or threaten to do so.

If you happen not to have any religious beliefs, that does not mean you should criticize others for having some, nor should you look down upon them or insult them for their chosen beliefs. The opposite is true too, do not insult anyone or attack anyone simply because they have no religious beliefs. Just let them be. Its none of your business whether they are associated with a specific religion or not, after all God will be the one to judge, not you.

Religion was never based on violence, and defending yours through violence will never get you anywhere..

Note: before you attack others, at least educate yourself on the issue to be discussed. At least that way no one can accuse you of being ignorant. And please conduct your discussions in a civilized manner.. It makes you more credible and actually gets your points across! Simply cursing at your opposition will never shed the light on your position. It'll just make you look stupid.
Disscussions such as these should be done with the aim of educating and informing one another about the opposite views held in the world. To clarify and correct misconceptions and help people gain a wider understanding of one another and the communities in the world. Not to insult each other and dish out threats.

Unfortunately we seem to be moving backwards not forwards...
Its sad to see that in some cases, being educated does not mean not being ignorant.

Earlier today I was listening to the song "Whats Going On?" the track sung by various artists... I guess it seems to hit home! It got me quite emotional....

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